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Little Brothers Bakery

Family Owned and Operated

For three generations our family has combined nature’s best ingredients with old-world recipes to produce the finest breads and pastries. Though we’ve grown from a small corner bakery to a multiline production facility, our attention to detail has kept our breads and pastries tasting as fresh and delicious as in the beginning.

At Little Brothers Bakery, we use the best to make the best. We refuse to use inferior ingredients just to save a few pennies. The result - breads and pastries that taste like they were handmade by our Great Grandfather.

Whether we are making bread, pastries, cookies or dinner rolls, we guarantee that our products meet the high standards our ancestors have set before us. Our family’s reputation stands behind every thing we make and its our reputation that drives us to be the best.


Little Brothers Bakery

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320 W Alondra Blvd, Gardena, CA 90248

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